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It is now your chance to become a "Handball team Manager"!

Recommended by the German World Champion trainer "Heiner Brand"

Choose a handball team from anywhere in the world and then guide it to national and international success.

As team manager it's your job to make the right decisions, keep an eye on the transfer market, manage finances and choose the right tactics.

Lead your club to national or European Cup glory or become the coach of a national team and take them to the World Championships & Olympic Games.

Main Features:

  • Official Handball-Bundesliga (HBL) license with original club and player names, club logos and team photos
  • 19 countries** with complete playable teams and leagues
  • 70 National teams** readily playable in international events
  • Some national teams with original player data e.g. Germany , Poland , Iceland , Russia , UK , Czech Republic and more
  • Over 10 000 handball players are already available in the game, each with their own abilities and personal skills
  • A large photo database of teams & players has been included
  • Manage both men's and women's handball teams
  • Three main types of playing modes: "Select a Team" - "Real Management Career" or "Build your own Team"
  • Various user tactical variations for teams and individual players
  • Also manage such things as: half time and accompanying programme, stock exchange, stadium, sponsors, public relations, financial aspects, contracts and much more
  • Real time gameplay in text or graphic modes with live tables
  • Negotiate contracts with clubs & players on the transfer market
  • Manage both professional and amateur players
  • Detailed player statistics for each player after the match and a newspaper report with results and photos

** Countries, leagues, teams and players can be easily added or modified with the included "User Friendly Editor"